2016: a retrospective

I had a number of journal publications successes, including new poems published in: Cyphers (81); The Interpreter’s House (63); and Poetry Ireland Review (120).

I also had the honour of being one of the 100 Irish women poets included in the Arlen House anthology Washing Windows: Irish Women Write Poetry, which isn’t officially launched until 2017 but there have been sneak previews!


(photo: thanks to Nessa O’Mahony)

Three of my poems from my collections Black Wolf on a White Plain and Tribe  were  translated by Alla Raskina into Russian and have been published in the St Petersburg journal Вelles Lettres (изящная словесность) №1(27).
I met Alla (aka: Dr Valeria Mikhalevich) at the Science and Poetry III conference, in Trinity College Dublin in 2012. I am thrilled that she has allowed my poems to move into the language of Anna Akhmatova and so many other wonderful Russian poets. There also is something deeply confirming about my poems being translated by a poet-scientist. It reassures me that we can meet CP Snow’s challenge to the two cultures of the arts and the sciences. It is possible (stealing a line from Ali Smith) to be both. It certainly makes life interesting.
2016 saw me taking on more Creative Writing and Poetry tutoring and facilitation, which had taken a bit of a back seat while I completed my PhD in birdsong. I really enjoy this work. It gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with the tools of the writing trade and meet wonderful people to share the joys of the written word.


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