Creative Writing Feedback

Feedback was collected anonymously from participants at the end of each course or workshop.



6-week Creative Writing course, MarketPlace Theatre & Arts Centre, Armagh, 27 Jan – 3 March 2022

“This six-week Creative Writing course is for those who want to discover and progress their creative writing skills. Looking at both fiction and non-fiction, we will explore how to bring ideas, images and characters to life. We look at ways of energising language and developing plot. We also discuss how to avoid problems and pitfalls. Through supportive and constructive feedback, you will learn the ways of drafting and crafting to make your own writing captivating.”

  • “the format was perfect”
  • “the class was great. Very much enjoyed how Mary stimulates the writing”
  • “the read-throughs were a brilliant way of learning”


Writing Ourselves (one-day Creative Writing workshop). Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, 18 Jan 2020

  • “I found this workshop very comprehensive”
  • “I enjoyed all of the session – very well delivered”
  • “The workshop really stimulated the mind. The content and work covered was extraordinary for a one-day event”
  • “I loved it all. The diversity, the teaching, the rhythm, the tone, the experience, the writing practice”


A one-day Creative Writing workshop, Writing Your Wild, MarketPlace Theatre & Arts Centre, Armagh, Saturday 5 May 2018

This rule-breaking one-day creative writing workshop encourages you to explore the untamed borders of your desires and fears. You will have the chance to express your inner voice and release the longsmothered cry of your wilderness. You’ll be supported in a friendly, safe environment to explore beyond comfort zones, liberate your language and free your ideas. To start prowling across the page, all you need is pen and paper, and a willingness to be wild! Beginners welcome.

  • “Thank you for a very satisfying day.”
  • “Something different from most workshops that enables us to reconnect with our creative self.”
  • “Really enjoyed finding myself again.”


WILD WRITING, 6 week course: 9 Jan – 20 Feb 2018, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast; and May-June 2017, Stranmillis University College Open Learning Programme.

  • “An enthralling six weeks!”
  • “Well structured and inspirational teaching”
  • “I enjoyed it hugely as it was challenging in quite a deep way and made me write differently”
  • “Course could have been carried out for more than six weeks”


One-day WRITING FOR FICTION workshop, Saturday 10 Feb 2018, MarketPlace Theatre & Arts Centre, Armagh.

  • All participants agreed strongly that their objectives for the workshop had been met
  • “Extremely detailed and well organised’
  • “It was all wonderful”
  • “Excellent”


CREATIVE WRITING, 6 week Creative Writing Course, First Steps Women’s Centre, Dungannon, Nov-Dec 2017:

  • “Thank you for the teaching and the amazing activities.”
  • “Thank you for a wonderful course. I enjoyed it so much.”


WRITING OURSELVES, one-day Creative Writing Workshop, MarketPlace Armagh, 8 October 2016 & 21 Jan 2017; and at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, 29 April & 2 Dec 2017; 21 April 2018.

  • “Such a wonderful and delightful day spent with a very experienced and encouraging tutor”
  • “I found it all quite liberating. Time went by so fast!”
  • “Different from anything I have ever participated in to do with writing. Feel inspired.”
  • “The content was excellent, more than sufficient and not daunting at all.”
  • “I said I’d give it an hour. I’m still here after the end!”
  • “A really worthwhile day. I loved the somewhat surreal questions we were asked to answer – different from other writing workshops. Would love to participate in other workshops you might do.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyable – thanks!”
  • “I was curious but unsure. Really glad I came.” (April 2018 participant)
  • “The tutor knew our fragility and held us gently in the palm of her hands” (April 2018 participant)


CREATIVE WRITING, 6 week Creative Writing Course, Stranmillis College, Belfast, Oct-Dec 2016:

  • “Great course”
  • “I enjoyed every moment”
  • “Really enjoyed how the course was structured”
  • “Love to see a follow-up”.


CREATIVE WRITING, 6 week Creative Writing Course, MarketPlace, Armagh: Oct-Nov 2016; Jan-March 2017; Oct-Nov 2017;  Jan –  March 2018

  • “Enjoyed all aspects, very useful and a great learning experience, just a bit too short!”
  • “Really enjoyed the whole experience.”
  • “Each two hours seemed to fly by.”
  • “Invaluable”


CREATIVE WRITING, 4 week Creative Writing Course, MarketPlace, Armagh, Feb-March 2016:

  • “I enjoyed every part. I was excited for each class. All the challenges made my objectives met a little at a time.”
  • “Very good combination of structure and creativity. Feedback from tutor very constructive.”
  • “Thank you so much. Hope to work with you again”
  • “Thanks for the insights and feedback, it was a great intro course to writing and I’m encouraged to keep it up!”