International Dawn Chorus Day

I celebrated International Dawn Chorus Dawn by leading an early morning field trip around the Lagan towpath, as part of the Queens Open Learning programme. I was delighted with the turn-out, both human and avian. Among the choristers we encountered were blackbird, robin, chaffinch, wren, goldfinch, blackcap, greenfinch, blue tit, great tit, willow warbler, chiffchaff, grasshopper warbler, coal tit and dunnock. There were a few warning rattles from mistle thrush, and we got a splendid sighting of a silent song thrush; perhaps the cold turn in the weekend weather made them a little reluctant to serenade? Anyway, it was a lovely start to the day and wonderful to meet so many people interested in birds and appreciative of their song. Birds are inspirational ambassadors for message that we must protect biodiversity for the sake of all species, including our own.

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