Cyphers 88

I was in Dublin yesterday for the launch of Cyphers 88 in Books Upstairs (one of my favourite bookshops in all the world. I always go home laden. Whoever stocks their poetry section is a marvel). My own poem, Wicker to Silver, is in this issue. It was a lovely event and great to read in the company of Natasha Cuddington, Nell Regan, Terry McDonagh, Patrick Glavin, Betty Thompson & Andrea Ward. And to spend a little time with Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin. Thanks to her for choosing my poem and for her continuing editorship and stewardship of this vital magazine amid many changes. Also to Ainín Ní Bhroin. 9718DB1C-016E-4DF9-8B06-70791B45F3F5_1_201_a

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