Birds etc

My remaining contracted workshops/events offered through Queen’s Open Learning that were upcoming in May are now cancelled.

I got an email from HMRC informing me of the grant available to self-employed people. But the scheme won’t be open till June.

I’m missing going for my regular swim. But I’m  walking for exercise in the early morning. The birds are in fine fettle. A redshank has taken up residence along the embankment close to King’s Bridge. The sentinel of the marshes is moving into town! Having previously swept skittishly away, piping his alarm, at my approach, this morning he walked right by me. Granted there was a railing between us and  he was at the river’s edge,  while I was above on the footpath; and I’d been standing stock still for almost 10 mins. But there you go. Closest to a redshank I’ve ever been. No binoculars, and I still clearly saw the dark tip and red base of his bill. With my eyesight, that’s something.



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