Eavan Boland

I am completely shocked and devastated to learn of the sudden death of Eavan Boland. Her loss to poetry is indescribable. She made writing about female experience, both contemporary and historical, possible. She led and she challenged. As well as the riches of her poetry, her ‘Object Lessons’ was breathtaking. She is a staggering loss. Deepest condolences to her family and friends, and all the wider poetry community.


From: Domestic Interior (For Kevin) [From Night Feed, Arlen House 1982]

But there’s a way of life

that is its own witness:

Put the kettle on, shut the blind.

Home is a sleeping child,

an open mind


and our effects, 

shrugged and settled 

in the sort of light 

jugs and kettles 

grow important by. 




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