Drumskinney Stone-Circle, Cairn and Alignment

The name is like a poem. But this is my latest Country Diary. I made a foray to home territory, my natal country, the place where I was “reared”, as we used to say.

While I was there, I had chance to rekindle old friendships. And make new ones. I also enjoyed exploring new ground in the great and knowledgable company of Danny Gormley and Mena Hegarty. I’d also like to thank Cyril Loane for the permission to ramble over his land. While the Stone Circle is a fascinating location, it was the continuity in terms of rock and stone that struck me while I was there. Someday, in the not too distant future, I hope to get back to write about them also. And maybe some of the townland names as well. Is there any answer to the mystery of how “Rotten Mountain” got its name?

I’d like to thank Paul Fleckney, the Country Diary’s editor, as ever, for accepting this proposal and for his input. I’d also like to thank Mena and Danny for all their lore and assistance. And for first introducing me, as a child, to Drumskinney and its environs, I’d like to thank the late Marie Morris and all her family.

This diary is for Marie.

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