Crescent Swift

Last spring, I was delighted to be offered the chance to participate in the Belfast Book Festival at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast. I was invited to be in conversation with Sarah Gibson, author of the marvellous book of Swifts and Us (a wonderful compendium of biology, history, culture and travelogue).

I was also commissioned to write a poem about swifts for the festival. So, after reading Sarah’s book, and others, including the original “Swifts in Tower” by the David Lack, and spending quite a few evenings down at the Crescent Arts, watching and listening to the colony, I finally got my poem to take flight.

The Crescent Swift – taking off!

I am delighted to have it join my poem “Swallows”, and the work of other artists, including Ukrainian poet Natalka Bilotserkivets and visual artist Patrick Murphy, as part of the installations of “A Poetic Flight“. Such a privilege.

Much appreciation and many thanks to all at the Crescent Arts, and to the Belfast Book Festival. It’s been a wonderful journey!

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